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Event Galleries

To view a gallery from an event

Click on the name of the event to the left. The gallery will open in a new window. IF YOUR BROWSER WARNS YOU ABOUT "BLOCKED CONTENT" YOU MUST "ALLOW IT" IN ORDER TO SEE THE GALLERIES WHICH ARE MADE USING JAVASCRIPT.
The thumbnail images contain a number which shows the time the photograph was taken.
Click on a thumbnail to open a larger version of the photo which contains the file name and shopping cart so you can order a print !

The image quality as shown in the gallery does not reflect the quality of the final print as I simply don't have time to work up final versions of hundreds of images. If you order a print, then it will obviously have the copyright watermark removed, and be cropped and processed to provide the best print I can make!

If you are using Internet Explorer press F11 on your Keyboard. This temporarily hides the toolbars at the top of the page so what you want to see has more room on the page. When you want the tool bars back, just press F11 again. Try it and be amazed!!!!! This works for all sites, not just this one!

2007 and earlier galleries have been removes to free up some storage space. I still have the original photographs if required.

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