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ELPC Pick a Fence 3 October 2010

Click here for Gallery.

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If you click on the link above to view the gallery and when the page opens, you cannot see any thumbnails, then your browser may not be configured to allow the javascript used to build the website galleries.

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To view this gallery

The thumbnail images contain a number which shows the time the photograph was taken.
Click on a thumbnail to open a larger version of the photo which contains the file name so you can order a print.

You should be able to see an Adobe Flash slideshow with a sample of "worked" images from the event in the panel to the left. You can download the latest version - free - from the Adobe Website by clicking on the logo below. This takes you directly to the Windows version, but you can obtain Flash Player for other other browers such as Safari or Firefox from that page

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Even if you can't view the flash gallery on the left you can still click on the red "CLICK HERE TO VIEW GALLERY" link and you will be taken to the gallery to view all of the photos from the event. This does not require Adobe Flash.

The quality of the images shown in the Galleries does not come up to the standard of the final print. I work on the RAW or " digital negative" file to crop the image, remove obvious distractions and so produce the best print possible of any photo ordered, but I don't have time to do this for all the images in the display gallery - sometimes over 1000 images.

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